We the People Are Our Democracy

My name is Danielle Becker, I am co-lead organizer of Empire State Indivisible. The core of the indivisible movement is that the people have the power — the people are our democracy.

In 2018, Empire State Indivisible, canvassed for candidates and to get out the vote across New York state — we spoke to thousands of New Yorkers who told us they felt that they had no voice, no power in our democracy. They were disenfranchised by politicians picking their constituents via gerrymandering and antiquated voting laws that served only to limit, not expand voting access.

With the elections of 2018, New Yorkers took back their voice and their power in our democracy. We changed the direction of our state legislature which inturn has changed the direction of our state. Including democracy and voting reforms that have enabled more New Yorkers to have access to voting and to participate in our democracy.

And now with ballot proposals 1, 3, and 4 New York voters can continue to lead the change. These proposals will help improve and bring fairness to the redistricting process, work to further expand and safeguard voting access, and help increase civic engagement.

Lawmakers in many states are restricting voting access, gerrymandering, silencing the voice of the people, taking the people’s power, desecrating our democracy. But In New York, the people have the power to take us in the right direction and I know we will use it.

On Tuesday, election day, vote yes for ballot proposal one, districts that put New Yorkers before politicians; proposal three, no more voter registration deadlines, and proposal four, absentee voting, no excuse needed.

Go vote, go vote yes on ballot proposals 1–3–4! You have the power.



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