The NY State Budget in this Time of Crisis and Beyond

In 2017 and 2018 when I was part of the movement to defeat the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) I did that work to help elect better leaders for all times — including crisis times like right now.

A year after we defeated the IDC when I decided to run for assembly at home in western Queens, I made that decision to help New Yorkers in Assembly District 37 and across our state in all times — including crisis times like right now.

This week our state legislature will go back to Albany to negotiate the state budget. For New Yorkers in Queens and across our state the following must happen in this crisis time of right now and for the future:

No Medicaid Cuts. These cuts should not happen at anytime and especially not during a pandemic. In the future we must pass the NY Health Act.

Scrap the 2% austerity cap on our state budget and generate new revenue by taxing the ultra-rich for the crisis right now and to make sure our social safety net remains robust far far into the future.

Do not grant new state budget powers to our governor to enact rolling budget cuts. The governor already has extraordinary powers within the state budget — these powers do not need to be augmented.

Cancel rent and utilities now for a three month period. In the future we must fund truly deeply affordable housing for all across the state and repairs to public housing.

Make sure we have a healthy democracy no matter what by enacting vote by mail for 2020 elections. In the future we need to enact forward-thinking democracy reforms.

Do not allow any rollback of bail reform passed last year. And make sure we are using clemency and reducing arrests right now. In the future we must enact much more reform including for parole and policing.

Please let your state senator, assembly member and our governor know what must happen for the coronavirus crisis right now and for our state in the future. Call, email, and direct message and then post on social media.

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