Queens Community Board 2 Chairperson Nomination

Delivered November 3, 2022

Danielle Brecker
2 min readDec 26, 2022

Tonight I self-nominated myself for Queens Community Board 2 Chair. Self nominating is a little strange and immodest but how we do it on Queens CB2. I’m running unopposed, the election is at the next full board meeting which is the first Thursday of December. This is what I said tonight.

I want to be clear that this is not a role I sought or ever planned to run for and my motivation is not that I will seek public office in the future.

I would not be nominating myself now if our current chair and my friend Morry had sought re-election.

I am nominating myself because I want to build on what Morry has started — a board that has a fair and open policy of civil discourse, a spirit of social activism, and a firm commitment of service to and advocacy for our community.

I have a well known and outspoken political pov which some may think should preclude me from being chair. But my core political belief is actually one of community — that everyone should be welcome and encouraged to engage in their community; that the discourse that can sometimes be difficult is also absolutely necessary for a our progress; and that we should all be working together towards a better, more inclusive, more just community where all of our neighbors are cared for and have a voice.

My specific focuses as chair will be engaging our neighbors as we did through the redistricting task force. And actively advocating for what our community needs.

After being part of the budget committee and in September marking the grim one year anniversary of Hurricane Ida it is clear those needs are great — from sewers to affordable housing to healthcare to transit to schools to caring for our neighbors who are unhoused and much more.

Standing on the foundation Morry and so many before him built, if elected, I will lead us to keep standing up for our community. I ask for your vote for chair.

Thank you.



Danielle Brecker

New York State Democratic Committee Member AD-36, Co-lead Organizer Empire State Indivisible, Chair Queens Community Board 2, Board Member New Reformers.