New York 2020 Democratic Primary

I congratulate Assembly Member Catherine Nolan on her re-election to the New York State Assembly.

I have a tremendous respect for Assembly Member Nolan for laying the path for my generation and future generations of female leaders and admire her dedication to public service.

I ran for office to engage my neighbors on progressive policy ideas and encourage them to participate in our democratic process. I believe a healthy democracy includes primarying an incumbent as a way to hold them accountable.

As Assembly Member Nolan’s constituent and Co-Leader of Empire State Indivisible, I look forward to working with Assembly Member Nolan to advocate for election reforms for November and beyond; state budget equality, taxation of the ultra wealthy, and for a robust recovery for western Queens.

As a witness to the count, I’m satisfied it was conducted in a fair, unbiased manner with all valid absentee ballots counted. Thank you to the NYC Board of Election workers who worked diligently with great care, focus, accuracy and positivity. Our democracy is in good hands for this November and beyond.

Thank you to all who volunteered, donated, encouraged, supported, and guided me. I love you all and cannot wait until I can thank you in person.


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