Last night the president stood in front of the people’s house, I believe breaking the law, and lied to the people. Not the first time. I’m not shocked but I am terrified of what happens if he is re-elected and we descend into a fascist hell of which we can never pull ourselves out.

I worked for Senator Warren to be the Democratic Presidential Nominee. VP Biden was not my first or second choice but he is the choice democratic voters in our party made and I respect them and I will support and work for him and Senator Harris to be elected.

This does not mean we will not hold him and his administration to account once they are in office; push them to enact the preogressive policy we need; or stop working to elect strong progressive leaders at every level of government. The alternative means we do not have an opportunity to do any of this.

Voting is a right but choosing not to vote is a privilege. Before you choose to abstain please consider those who were beaten, jailed, or died fighting for their right to vote. Or those who still don’t have that right or voters who are suppressed. Consider your privilege.

For those who are unsure or believe the republican rhetoric — I am a New Yorker of a quarter century. Yes, we are angry, in the streets, and sad becasue this president fans the flames of hate and harms, violates, deports, kills our neighbors. Is he not doing the same across our country, in you cities, towns, communities?

I will vote for Biden/Harris. I will look to the future while I vote. I will call swing voters in my home state of Pennsylvania — listen first then make the case. I will work to flip the U.S. Senate and win local races. I will hold them all to account. The alternative is impossible.

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