My Dad has been making phone calls for my campaign. There is no better volunteer. For one he is my proud Dad and two he taught me much of what I know about democracy.

When I was ten, frustrated by the election of Ronald Reagan and committed to making changes starting at the local level, my Dad ran for local office and won. He was elected township commissioner of the first ward of Upper Moreland Township — where I grew up just outside Philly.

At the time this was a mostly republican area. My dad is from the Bronx — a progressive New York Democrat. He won because he talked to everyone, had common sense, and authentically wanted to make the community I grew up in better.

Township commissioner was an unpaid position, my dad didn’t give up his day job, there was no office beyond our kitchen, staffers were my Mom and me, town halls were often held in our or our neighbors’ living rooms over coffee and pastry.

For eight years, until I went to college, I experienced small d democracy first hand. Important, but not the only thing I learned from my Dad — I can keep a box score of a baseball game and debate just about any point of politics, culture, and baseball.

Thanks Dad — Happy Fathers Day!

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