Early Voting 2020

Early voting started at 10am this past Saturday in New York State. It was quite a remarkable experience when I went with seemingly every other New Yorker on Saturday morning. This continued on Sunday when even more people voted early on a colder, cloudier day. I guess all the many many ghosts of ghost town New York want their voices heard

In 30+ years of voting including eight presidential elections and voting in the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I’ve never experienced anything like early voting on Saturday. I thought there would be more people than usual but not blocks and blocks of people waiting to vote early.

It felt like every single person in Queens (and all of New York) decided they were going to vote first thing on the first day of early voting to give this president one loud, clear, angry, gigantic, “you talkin’ to me” New York middle finger.

For a bunch of angry New Yorkers the atmosphere at the Museum of Moving Image in Queens where I vote was festival like — mutual aid with free water, snacks, masks, books for all. Music, kids, puppies, a chance to see my neighbors and make new friends. Excited poll workers, etc!

This scene was repeated throughout the city…and state. In Brooklyn at Barclays the Brooklyn United Marching Band and Drumline performed. Whiling standing in line, I joined a pre phone bank zoom where they showed us pics of early voting lines in Rochester. Sunday morning there were more pics and stories from Nassau County, Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Syracuse, Buffalo, etc. And then on Sunday even more people than on Saturday showed up to early vote!

As part of a group,Empire State Indivisible, that was one of many many groups that helped do the work to get early voting passed in New York State by working to defeat the IDC, to get bills like early voting passed by a true blue New York Senate— EVERYTHING COUNTS!

If you haven’t already VOTE!

And please please take some time over the next five days to join a get out the vote phone bank for Biden/Harris in a swing state, a US Senate candidate, or a local New York State candidate!



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