Dear Mayor de Blasio: #HomelessCantStayHome

This weekend I spent a lot of time
telling a story in rhyme.
So here is my video note
to Mayor Bill de Blasio I wrote …

Dear Mayor de Blasio, Bill
30,000 vacant New York City hotel rooms you must fill

With New Yorkers who don’t have a home
Let our neighbors know they’re not alone

500, 700, 2,000 rooms is not enough
This decision should not be tough

And while you’re at it
Tell the NYPD to quit
This targeting and sweep bullshit

This is a global pandemic
But cruelty is epidemic

Having a home should be a right
And #HomelessCantStayHome any night

Yours respectfully,
Your constituency

Here’s a tip
We shouldn’t have to make a fuss
Because you work for all of us!

New Yorker in Queens💙 Citizen of🌏🌍🌎 Worshipper of the☀️  Democracy Dance Party Promoter — Fashionista — Poet — Indivisible — Organizer — Voter — Boxer