Calling On Assemblywoman Nolan to Call on Governor Cuomo to Resign

I am Danielle Brecker, constituent in Assembly District 37 and Co-lead Organizer of Empire State Indivisible.

I start by acknowledging and commending the women who courageously came forward and shared their experiences publicly and with investigators. I know it was painful and scary to do so. I, like all of us here today, believe and support you.

Part of the Indivisible movement, Empire State Indivisible holds our elected leaders to account. Our elected leaders work for us, serve us. It is clear from the Attorney General’s report and the other ongoing investigations that our governor does not understand this and has engaged in inappropriate, harassing behavior; abused the power he is given by the we, people of New York State; and betrayed our trust.

Governor Cuomo will be held to account. Nearly every elected official at every level of government has called on the Governor to resign. Countless New Yorkers have expressed their disapproval of our governor’s behavior. And the New York State Assembly will commence impeachment proceedings.

However, there are elected officials who have still not called for Governor Cuomo’s resignation or said publicly that they support impeachment and removal. This includes Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan in our district 37. Today, we hold our assemblywomen to account and ask her to publicly call for the governor’s resignation and to confirm she supports and will vote for his impeachment.

My expectation was that my long-serving Assemblywoman, Catherine Nolan, would be among the first to call for Governor Cuomo’s resignation or impeachment as I can only imagine the culture and behavior she has experienced during her tenure. That she did not is disheartening to me as her constituent and a woman. Assemblywoman Nolan must immediately stand with her constituents and all New Yorkers and call for the Governor’s impeachment now.

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