Act now to Invest In Our New York

Before Covid, New York had the largest economic inequality of any state in our country.

Before Covid, our state was facing an enormous budget deficit and the threat of drastic cuts to human services.

But yet, ultra rich New Yorkers continued to get tax breaks instead of being asked to pay their fair share.

Last week marked the one year anniversary of the first reported case of Coivd in New York. The pandemic laid bare the inequity in our state and devastation of our state’s regressive tax policy.

At the same time, the ultra rich in our state have actually seen their wealth grow dramatically — they’ve profited from the pandemic. They should have to pay their fair share of taxes.

We have the opportunity right now to enact a fairer tax system that will raise more than $50 billion per year to put New York on a firm financial footing and help all New Yorkers. The Invest in Our New York Act consists of six bills that will raise taxes on only the wealthiest New Yorkers.

It will mean funding for healthcare, hospitals, education, the environment, housing, transit, small businesses, the arts — funding for our recovery and for our future.

At this moment, our state legislature is formulating our state budget — their proposals will likely come out this week.

I have no doubt our elected leaders know and are working for what is needed but they need a push — they need to hear from us, the people for whom they work.

I urge you to call your state senator and assembly member to let them know you are in favor of this much-needed reimagining of our tax system and you expect them to include the Invest In Our New York Act in their budget proposals. Please call tomorrow.

Click here to call or email your legislators now.

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