A New Normal, a New Deal, for All New Yorkers

The New York legislature COVID19 hearing today and the one last week is a good start but our New York legislature must get back to the work of legislating and pass laws to help for a bold, far-reaching recovery plan — a new deal for all New Yorkers.

A plan not predicated on returning to normal but establishing a new normal. A new normal where there is equity not disparity, investment not austerity, inclusion not segregation and where all New Yorkers are set up to prosper and New York is set up to combat any future crisis.


➡️ Implement a fair and secure COVID19 testing plan focused on the most vulnerable New Yorkers.

➡️ Stop future Medicaid cuts and do not allow the cost to be put on localities.

➡️ Protection and supplies for front line workers — ALL front line workers!

➡️ Funding for mental health care.

➡️ Pass the New York Health Act🍎

➡️ Organize, connect, fund, and enlarge food resources and services to end food insecurity in all times and to make sure all New Yorkers have access to culturally appropriate and healthy food.

➡️ Raise revenue by reimagining our tax policy, said plainly — tax the ultra wealthy. Start with the ultra millionaires tax and then the many other proposals.

➡️ Cancel Rent, mortgages, utilities+invest in housing for all — a Homes Guarantee.

➡️ Deeply invest in public education at all levels.

➡️ Make sure that the education investment includes funding for more cosnelsers and social workers.

➡️ Provide direct help to non-profits and small businesses including those that are micro sized and immigrant owned. Non-profits and businesses drive our economy and communities.

➡️ Hold on economic development projects like Sunnyside Yards. and of big box stores, chain retailers + restaurants, and luxury housing.

➡️ New employment opportunities via investment in infrastructure and climate change prevention measures.

➡️ Make sure we are doing everything in way that reflects and serves New York’s great diversity starting with making sure all help is delivered in all languages.

Hearing is ongoing but we have yet to hear much about homelessness and mass incarceration. Hopefully it is to come because these issues must be addressed with solutions that deliver health, equity, and justice.

Our legisaltors must now pass the laws — the new deal to implemment solutions for a recovery that delivers a new normal for all New Yorkers.



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