I am Danielle Brecker, co-lead organizer of Empire State Indivisible. The indivisible movement is predicated on holding our elected leaders to account because they work for us.

We are here today because we must save our democracy. The US Senate led by our Senator Schumer must pass the For the People Act.

2020 census data will be delivered in two days. In many states, elected leaders will misuse that data to maintain, redraw, and…

I am Danielle Brecker, constituent in Assembly District 37 and Co-lead Organizer of Empire State Indivisible.

I start by acknowledging and commending the women who courageously came forward and shared their experiences publicly and with investigators. I know it was painful and scary to do so. I, like all of us here today, believe and support you.

Part of the Indivisible movement, Empire State Indivisible holds our elected leaders to account. Our elected leaders work for us, serve us. It is clear from the Attorney General’s report and the other ongoing investigations that our governor does not understand this and…

I am Danielle Brecker, co-lead organizer of Empire State Indivisible.

We all testify today under a long shadow cast by new laws restricting voting access in many states but I am optimistic because of the extraordinary progress we have made working together in our state.

I will speak about my experiences in the 2020 general and 2021 primary elections as a voter, volunteer, and count canvass witness.

Empire State Indivisible advocated for early voting and it is how most of our members voted in 2020. Included with my written testimony are comments from our members about their experiences.

My experience…

This afternoon, I joined over 100 of my Queens neighbors to testify to the New York Independent Redistricting Commission, following is my testimony.

My name is Danielle Brecker, I live in the Dutch Kills neighborhood in Long Island City, Queens — in Congressional District 12, State Senate District 12, and Assembly District 37.

I am a co-lead organizer of Empire State Indivisible. The Indivisible movement is predicated on holding those we elect to serve and the institutions of our democracy to account.

As part of a statewide coalition, Empire State Indivisible helped advocate for the state voting reforms that have…

Today representing Empire State Indivisible, I spoke at a press conference and rally pushing Senator Schumer to transform our transit system. Following is what I said.

Focus instead on a New York State that leads our nation with green, renewable energy.

I am a grown up and I know we need to take action now — for every generation.

I live in the Dutch Kills neighborhood that bridges Astoria and Long Island City. Dutch Kills is one of many neighborhoods that will be impacted should the proposed NRG Power Plant in Astoria become a reality.

The proposed NRG Power Plant will replace 50 year old turbines with a gas fueled generator. So it may cut some emissions, but it will still use fossil fuel — not green, renewable energy. The proposed NRG Power Plant will contribute to the pollution that already exists and has existed for decades in the surrounding neighborhoods. An area with the gross but accurate nickname…

Before Covid, New York had the largest economic inequality of any state in our country.

Before Covid, our state was facing an enormous budget deficit and the threat of drastic cuts to human services.

But yet, ultra rich New Yorkers continued to get tax breaks instead of being asked to pay their fair share.

Last week marked the one year anniversary of the first reported case of Coivd in New York. The pandemic laid bare the inequity in our state and devastation of our state’s regressive tax policy.

At the same time, the ultra rich in our state have actually…

Less than 24 hours after the illegitimate confirmation of an extremist nominee to the Supreme Court Queens came together to say #NotOurSCOTUS! This is what I said.

We will start with a moment of silence for the 223,000 and counting Americans killed by covid while this president and the Republican Senate have done nothing.

This is how tonight will go-anyone who wants to speak can but we ask that you keep it short, no longer than two minutes and focus on the Supreme Court. I know some of you are elected leader or running for office— tonight is not about that but about taking back our Supreme Court.

Once each speaker is done, we ask that they lead the crowd in a chant of their choosing. …

As the co-lead organizer of Empire State Indivisible, I have participated in countless actions speaking out against injustice, bad policy and politicians, and big corporations and special interest groups that seek to harm my community. Speaking out is our first amendment right. Our history is filled with heroic stories of writers, journalists, activists, and everyday people speaking out, dissenting, and exposing.

The practice of slapping down those who speak truth to power via strategic lawsuits against public participation or SLAPPs is not only unconstitutional but a direct threat our participatory democracy.

Over the last four years our current president has…

Danielle Brecker

New Yorker in Queens💙 Citizen of🌏🌍🌎 Worshipper of the☀️  Democracy Dance Party Promoter — Fashionista — Poet — Indivisible — Organizer — Voter — Boxer

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